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Health Care Administrator for a multispecialty clinic buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

Growing multispecialty clinic requires a highly motivated and organized individual
Must have the ability to staff the clinic with respect to new physicians and therapists, the clinic has seen steady growth for 10 years
Must have the ability to understand online marketing for the clinic to attract new patients, interface with SEO and website leads
Must have the ability to understand and adapt to the new landscape of ICD 9 to 10 conversion to maintain clinics collection goals
Must have the ability to organize and oversee the marketing of the clinic for overall growth
Should be able to staff the clinic for hours that do include weekend shifts to allow all patients accessibility to the clinic
Should be able to complete and present accurate reports regarding percentages of collections and all aspects of accounts rec and billing and insurance interface
Must have the ability to audit, track, train staff to sell and order product sales that are offered to our patients
Should have the ability to develop cash package sales to patients who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover certain procedures, to include packaging it to sell, advertising it, interfacing with outside specialists to encourage referrals and training of staff to sell the packages and explain the validity of the procedures to the patients
Should know how to archive, maintain and oversee all aspects of Electronic Health care records with all compliance measures
Must know how to oversee a radiographic PACS system in all respects from maintaining it, to archiving its images and to hiring staff who can perform radiographic exams
Should have a excellent working knowledge of medical computer software with respect to domains, patient privacy, staff priviledges in the software, archived backups and I T interface
Must be aware of all the state and federal compliance guidelines required to bill Medicare and all major insurance companies as well as personal injury and workman's compensation injury claims.
Should be aware of how to negotiate outstanding bills generated from Liens of protection and an excellent working knowledge of Florida PIP insurance billing laws and rules as well as personal injury attorney interface
Must have an excellent knowledge of Human Resources for a clinic with a staff of 10 professionals to include:
hire, fire, vacation coverage, Saturday coverage, PTO tracking, interface with accounting for accurate and timely payroll, time card management for those on a time card and full and part time designations
Must have a very strong knowledge of billing on all aspects, compliance, care plans, Medicare guidelines, United Healthcare, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and all major insurance companies. Must be able to train, audit, oversee the billing staff and generate weekly and monthly stat reports on services, collections, percent of increases and or decreases, insurance contract negotiations, appeals, verifications and all aspects of a dynamic and growing billing department
Should be able to generate a complete step by step manual for the clinics policies and procedures
Must be able to develop a disaster plan and audit all of the insurance plans the clinic has, to insure it is protected in case of a disaster
Must be able to train the staff regarding phone scripting, daily morning meetings to prevent patient billing and treatment issues, oversee the staff with respect to quality control and accuracy, engage in one on one training and implementation of procedures within the clinic
Should be able to oversee a diverse marketing plan with a yearly schedule of events, physician outreach and community screenings, site engine optimization, website optimization, Google ad word campaign management, email campaigns, US Post campaigns, outreach to other businesses and specialties for cross referrals and correct website referrals from insurance companies to this clinic
Must have excellent references and be willing to work with a management company to implement growth strategies - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist